Thank you for taking the Curb Your Litter: Greenpoint survey! Your input will help us decide where to place new trash and recycling cans throughout Greenpoint.
Curb Your Litter: Greenpoint is a project of the Greenpoint Chamber of Commerce tackle the litter in our green spaces, streets and sewers and help neighbors reduce the overall amount of trash we produce.
Which blocks in this neighborhood have the worst litter problems? (Please define by street name and two cross streets)

Have you noticed any particular type of littered material(s) predominate on these blocks?  If so, what type(s) of litter?

Where do you think the litter comes from?  Who or what causes it?

How many standard NYC Department of Sanitation litter baskets do you estimate the blocks with the worst litter problems would fill in a month?

Do you have any suggestions about what we could do to solve or reduce the litter problems on these blocks?

Have you ever thrown your trash into the street? Why or why not?

Do you know that you can call 311 to report problems associated with litter?

What is your name and zipcode?

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